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The Innovation Management Research Institute™ (IMRI™) was founded by Louis Bouwer as a platform to collaborate with other subject matter experts and to advise corporate executives across the world to elevate their corporate innovation management performance.

He designed and developed the Strategic Corporate Innovation Management™ (SCIM™) systems framework over a decade to understand the building blocks required for a corporate innovation function, and how it should be interrelated, interconnected and interactive to ensure the innovation system will be nimble, predictable, repeatable, scalable and profitable for sustainable organic growth.

The Corporate Innovation Strategy Navigation™ (CISNav™) systems model was conceived for his PhD thesis as an elegant, novel and practical guiding map to assist corporate executives to deliver unique corporate innovation strategies for sustainable economic growth.

This is equally applicable for universities, startups and venture capital firms.

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Corporate Innovation Generates Shareholder Confidence

February 2019 - This article will illustrate how a Strategic Corporate Innovation Management™ system can generate shareholder confidence through the continues and timely introduction of newly anticipated inventive solutions that will successfully be adopted by a specified target market. Shareholder confidence is the result from a positive perception about a corporation, where the acquisition of shares is based on the expected or predicted financial performance of the corporation in the foreseeable future.


Innovation Management Theory Evolution Map

April 2017 - The Innovation Management Theory Evolution Map was developed to guide corporate innovation executives and managers to take note of existing fundamental innovation management theories, how it evolved through the past few decades and which theories are best suited to solve specific corporate innovation management challenges.


Capabilities-Driven Innovation Management

June 2015 - A large percentage of corporations are still unsuccessful with the implementation of innovation management within their organizations for various reasons: many are still in the infancy stage of their implementation effort; underestimated the complexity and scope; or there exist a knowledge gap. The management of innovation as an additional corporate business capability must increasingly become more important as a critical factor for corporate success.

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